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Jim Swallow Photography
6166 9th Ave North
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

Bay Area
Sunrise & Sunset times   

Twi: 6:45am
Sunrise: 7:08am
Sunset: 7:50pm
Twi: 8:14pm
Moonrise: 12:45am
Moonset: 3:10pm
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Photography Newsletter September 2010

To touch art is to touch the mind; to touch the mind is to touch a life. (J. David Arnold)

September Meeting is in the 2nd

The meeting is coming up and the theme's are from
August and September
You can bring up to two images from each theme

"A World Up Close and Old Men".

Join us at 6:30 p.m.

Send your images to me by Wednesday night or you may bring them to the meeting. Please bring only 2 images per theme. Theme related or your best images from the past month are acceptable

Remember to size your files no larger than 1024x768 at 100ppi and they should have your name in the beginning example of your files could be (Jim_Swallow_shopping_carts_1_0409.jpg)

It helps tremendously by having all your images together at the end of the year by you using the same method each and every month. Thanks

Photographic Art Society
Next Exhibit is going to be

" Into The Forest"

We need your images Today

Images of trees, wood, woodworkers and craftsmen, wood textures and anything that has to do with wood.
Please submit your images to Cheryl@photographicartsociety.org

Frame Day is September 4th

We are hanging the exhibit on the 6th

Photography Tips

How to Help Avoid Memory Card Data Loss

Photo Contests in the Bay Area

Downtown St. Petersburg Waterfront Parks Centennial Celebration Photo Contest

Images must be of one of the twelve Waterfront Parks in St. Petersburg. There are great cash prizes and all submissions are done online so you don't need to make and prints. Entry Deadline in October 1st.

Check out the Centennial Celebration web site and get all the details about how to enter here

The 28th Annual Boyd Hill Contest

Entry Deadline is October 16th. You can check out there web site and download the forms below. You can also view the names of last years winners

City of Saint Petersburg Boyd Hill Park

Photoshop Tips

Photoshop Elements Tips Web site

CS5 Web Site

Lightroom 3 Training

Half Tone Pattern Type Look

Mastering Masks

Giving Your Photos A Glow

Photos to Inspire


PhotoWalk 2010 winners

Plug-in Software

OnOne Software
use code PHSY for 15%
OnOne web site

Topaz Software



Photoshop CS5 Extended
Jim has a new sealed full version of PS CS5 Extended he is looking to sell. If you don't have Photoshop and are looking to get it I will give you a great price Current price at Adobe is $999.00 my price is $800.00
please call Jim at 727-596-7822 if you are interested
Thank You

Photoshop & Photography Training


Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom
and Digital photography.

private lesson in Photoshop, Lightroom and Digital Imaging Classes
please call Jim at 727-596-7822


Membership Info

Membership is $40.00 a year. See link above for additional info

Bay Area Photographic Exhibits


Saint Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts

Museum Web Site

Changing Identities: The Len Prince Photographs of Jessie Mann
June 5-September 26

Len Prince is celebrated for glamorous portraits of Hollywood stars and sleek advertisements for Cartier and Estée Lauder. In 2001 he met a self-possessed young woman, Jessie Mann, who had practically grown up in front of the camera. Sally Mann’s nude photographs of her children, including Jessie, created great controversy, igniting debate over child exploitation, censorship, and the nature of art.

A Passion for Photography: Selections from
the Carol A. Upham Donation
June 5-September 26

Carol A. Upham has been instrumental in making the Museum’s collection of photography one of the finest in Florida.  This select exhibition features approximately 30 from her gift in 2009 of 58 photographs by many of the twentieth-century’s leading figures.

Photographic Art Society Exhibit

Our current exhibit at the Summit Executive Building is


With Members

Murray Diner,Jake Fisher, Elaine Larimer,
Joanne Lousberg, Joseph Martin, David Mathre,
Chuck Platz, John Sagert, Chris Sheppard, Kari Sheppard, Gary Smith, Sonia Smith, Alex Spassoff,
Debbie Stubbs, Cheryl Anne Day-Swallow,
Jim Swallow, Sherry Williamson

Florida Museum of Photographic Art

September 16 through November 6, 2010

Galleries A and B: Bhupendra Karia and Derry Moore: Stillness and Shadows/ Vintage Photographs of India

Gallery C: Personal Memories of India from Tampa Bay’s Indian Community

Tampa Museum of Art

80s Photography from the Collection
August 7, 2010 - January 16, 2011

The decade of the 1980s was a pivotal period for the medium of photography if only for the plurality of styles and approaches it witnessed.

Tampa Museum Web Site

Eckerd College is pleased to host this exhibition
of prints on loan from the Tampa Museum of Art.
For more information: Call 727.864.7979 or visit www.eckerd.edu
Photography Foundations unites two modernist photographers that defined and defied concepts of straightforward photography. These contemporaries imbued the field of documentary photography with expressive personal styles, thereby disrupting the compartmentalization of art and document.

Photography Foundations: The Art of Bernice Abbott and Aaron Siskind from the Tampa Museum of Art
August 20 - October 8, 2010

File Specs. For Meetings

Digital Images for the group should be jpeg files  1024x768 at 100ppi  files names should be initials, month,year, title example (jim_swallow_treeballet_0409.jpg). You may also bring prints that are matted image area should be at least 8x10

Bay Area Photo Club Meetings

Suncoast Camera Club

Your Best Shot
Tampa Bay Camera Club
Brandon Camera Club
North Pinellas Meetup Group

Club Members Birthday and Anniversaries

Dave Exterkamp Sept. 9th
Greg Martin Sept. 9th
Donna Wilwohl Sept. 10th
Cheryl Porter Sept. 11th
John Sagert Anniv. Sept. 11th
Alex Spassoff Sept. 14th
Murray Diner Sept. 17th
Jim Pizzulli Anniv. Sept 20th
Charles Burhman Sept. 21st
Sonia Smith Sept. 21st
Mary Pat Mulligan Sept. 25th
George Clinton Sept. 26th

Photo Contests

Canon Photography in the Parks contest

Picture Your Parks- Saint Petersburg Contest

100 Percent Pure Florida Photo Contest

Boyd Hill Nature Contest

Butterfly Fest Photo Contest

Florida Camera Club Council Member

The Nature of Photography

Dates: November 6-7, 2010
Place: Edison State College, Naples, FL

In keeping with the theme, "The Nature of Photography," the keynote speaker will be internationally recognized photographer and conservationist Clyde Butcher.

More information to come

We are part of the Florida Camera Club Council. You may visit their web site Here

Our group is not affiliated with any other photography group in the bay area. We will help you promote your group on our site and in our e-mails if you wish. Please Contact Jim Swallow with your club information to be included 

North Tampa Photography

We have a local Photography Supply Store in the bay area and if you haven't been now is the time to go. All of the sales people are friendly and helpful and they have lots of equipment. It is time to support your local photography supply house before they are all gone. Internet is not everything. There is much to be said about touching, feeling and supporting your local business man. They will be present this Saturday at our Photography Club Day because they believe in you and it is time to believe in them.

Support your Local Photography Retailer Today
Web Site

The Camera Cure

A Saint Petersburg repair facility for camera repairs, sensor Cleaning and more check them out here

Web Site

Reedy Photo Lab

Bay Area's Best Professional color lab

Web Site

Photography Podcast's and Blog's
Using I-Tunes go to the podcast directory and type in Photoshop or Photography and you will find hundreds. or go to the web sites listed below and use the podcast link.

Check I-Tunes under Photoshop for a ton of free Training


The Photographers Resource Center

"All Eyes" Bay Area Photography Blog
If you do not wish to continue on our mailing list of photographers in the bay area  please contact  
Jim Swallow at jim@photographicartsociety.org

The Society was designed to

 Inspire, Challenge and Educate You in The Art of Photography. 

Next Meeting is Thursday September 2nd at 6:30 p.m. 
Bring your 4 best images