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Meetings are held at:
Autoway Ford

on US 19 (34th St) and
24th Ave N.
Please Park on 24th Entrance is on side of building, Look for sign
Contact Jim Swallow for additional details.

Bay Area
Sunrise & Sunset times   

Twi: 6:32am
Sunrise: 6:56am
Sunset: 6:30pm
Twi: 6:54pm
Moonrise: 4:49am
Moonset: 3:58pm
Day length: 11h 35m[

Monthly Themes for 2011

January: In The Trees
March: Faces
April: Creative Use of Text
May: Birds
June: Flip Flops
July: Coastal Elements
August: People at Work
September: Somewhere out there
October: Automobiles
November: In The House
December: Best 2011 & Project Presentations


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Photography Newsletter March 2011

Imagination is the air of mind. (Philip James Bailey)

March Meeting is on the 3rd

This Months Theme is


Join us at 6:15 p.m.

Because of our new meeting format you must send your photos to me by Wednesday night or bring them to the meeting before the
6:45 deadline. No exceptions
Our meetings will be starting on time this year

Send your images to me by Wednesday night or you may bring them to the meeting. Please bring only 2 images. Theme related or your best images from the past month are acceptable

Remember to size your files no larger than 1024x768 at 100ppi and they should have your name in the beginning example of your files could be

It helps tremendously by having all your images together at the end of the year by you using the same method each and every month. Thanks


Sumit Executive Center Exhibit

"Fruits and Vegetables"

Winners for our current exhibit

Best in Show — Jim Pennington - Splash of Color
1st Place — John Sagert - Pepper Color
2nd Place — C Sheppard - On the Chopping block
3rd Place — K Sheppard-Hot and Sweet
Honorable Mentions:
Sherry Williamson — Watermelon's for Sale
Manny Bonewitz — Dusseldorf Market

Peoples Choice Award A Splash of Color by Jim Pennington

View the highlights and winners here

Society Field Trip in April

Mustang and Mustang Show
Field Trip April 2nd at Fantasy of Flight
check out details here


John Shaw Nature and Digital Photography Seminar in Orlando

March 12 & 13, 2011

Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris presents a Nature & Digital Photography weekend seminar in Orlando with renowned photographer and digital photo expert John Shaw. The seminar features one full day devoted to nature photography and the second day covering the digital darkroom. The two seminar days can be purchased as a package or separately by day. More information and registration can be found at Here or by calling (206) 463-5383.
Lets Carpool together for this great seminar
contact jim if you are going


Photography Tips

Lewis kemper's New Site

Canon Digital Video training

5 situations when manual focus is better than auto

How much should you charge for a photograph

Ways to Enhance Creativity


Photography Club Day 2011

Featured Speaker will be Rick Sammon
"Exploring High Dynamic Range Photography"

Sunday March 27th

Register Here for Photography Club Day 2011

Lunch and park admission will be provided

Morning classes in:
Macro Photography
Using your Flash
Available light Portraits
OnOne Training Live

and much more

All the details can be found here.

Special One Day Workshop with
Rick Sammon Saturday March 26th



We will be going out to different locations discussing all types of photography tips and working on HDR photography. Location will only be sent to registrants. This will be a great opportunity to spend time with a fantastic photographer.


Photoshop Tips

Photoshop How-To: Pour a Stream of Colors Across an Image

Image Masking Effects

Simple Distortion Techniques

Changing Color Space in Elements


Photographic Inspirations

Flickr best images 2010

Hasselblad Master Images

"Painting With Light Workshop" Saturday
March 19th

Jim Swallow is leading a Painting with light workshop at
The Florida Railroad Museum

Cost is $49.00 Per Person Starting at 5 p.m. till 9 p.m.
Contact Jim Swallow at 727-596-7822 for details and to register

We are going to paint the trains at the rail yard with flash lights.
We have the opportunity to create unique images in the rail yard during an event that they will be holding. Check out their web site to see where it is located and images of what is there. You must register in advance and to attend the workshop.

Photoshop & Photography Training

Give The Gift of Education this Year


Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom
and Digital photography.

private lesson in Photoshop, Lightroom and Digital Imaging Classes
please call Jim at 727-596-7822

“Lightroom: Get it, Got it, Use it,
Love it” Part 2

Saturday March 19th from
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. $59.00
or Wednesday
March 23rd from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. ($49.00)

Location: Jim Swallow’s Studio in Saint Petersburg
call 727-596-7822 to register or email jim@photographicartsociety.org

This workshop will be the Second in a series of Lightroom classes that will help you use Lightroom to it’s fullest. Adobe Lightroom is the best tool for the photographer today. If you don’t have it you will be getting it sometime in the future. The Second class will discuss the the Develop Module and the Print. This program is going to change the way you work with your images. Minimum of 4 students required to hold the class

Membership Info

Membership is $40.00 a year. See link above for additional info

Bay Area Photographic Exhibits

Photographic Art Society Exhibit

Our current exhibit at the Summit Executive Building is

"Fruits and Vegetables"

View Highlights Here

Morean Art Center
Saint Petersburg

Paradise Lost / Paradise Found

January 14 - March 13, 2011

The Morean Arts Center calls attention to the "state" of Florida in two provocative exhibitions. For Paradise Lost/Paradise Found, contemporary artists wax nostalgic for the Sunshine State, either presenting their version of how things used to be, or satirizing the way things appear today. Neon motel signs, alligators on the loose, mermaids, baseball, and road kill are just a few of the subjects addressed in the gallery space, where visitors will experience a whole new appreciation for their environment. Artists include Mark Messersmith, John Gurbacs, Karen Tucker Kuykendall, Randy Van Duinen, and Raina Benoit.
Disappearing Florida 

Relating to Paradise Lost/Paradise Found is Disappearing Florida, a serious look at the changing landscape of our state. Providing a call-to-action rather than just a passive gallery visit, this exhibition features the work of contemporary photographers who capture the beauty of Florida, while using their web sites as a platform to discuss the fragility of that same beauty. Quotes from these blog's will be a prominent feature alongside the prints on the gallery walls, encouraging our visitors to get involved and be conscious of the fleeting quality of our natural surroundings. Artists include Carlton Ward, Jr., Richard O. Jacobs, Kevin Boldenow and Laurie Excell.

Florida Museum of Photographic Art

February 10 through April 10, 2011

Natural Fashion: Art & the Body, Photographs by Hans Silvester

Following the Vassar College exhibit will be photographs by Hans Silvester, images of face and body painting that connect our own society with a more exotic existence.

"The works of German photographer Hans Silvester will be coming to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts from New York's Marlborough Gallery. These color photographs function as sociological and anthropological documents as well as images of extreme beauty."  Joanne Milani, FMoPA Curator

Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

"Your 15 Minutes of Fame" is the perfect forum is to share your photographic work with the community and to view other photographers' projects and meet the artists at this regularly scheduled photographic event.

Learn more about and how to sign up for Your 15 Minutes of Fame.

Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa Museum Web Site

Herb Snitzer: A Jazz Memoir
January 28 - May 15, 2011

File Specs. For Meetings

Digital Images for the group should be jpeg files  1024x768 at 100ppi  files names should be initials, month,year, title example (jim_swallow_treeballet_0409.jpg). You may also bring prints that are matted image area should be at least 8x10

Bay Area Photo Club Meetings

Suncoast Camera Club

Your Best Shot
Tampa Bay Camera Club
Brandon Camera Club
North Pinellas Meetup Group

Club Members Birthday and Anniversaries

Cheryl Anne Day-Swallow March 5th
Patti Krumeich March 6th
Kim Andrews March 6th
Bob Boice March 7th
Anna Eddington March 9th
Carolyn Pavonetti March 12th
Benjamin Gieger March 12th
Jean Kier Chong March 18th
Mary Trice Anniv. March 21st
Glen Desthers March 23rd
Charles Blume March 26th
Ethan and Mike Stoop March 29th
Roger Schwartzberg March 30th
Peter Mason March 30th

Photo Contests

The Best Camera Challenge

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts International Photo Competition

A List of other Photo Contests

Creative Loafing Photo Contest

Selby Gardens Photo Contest

Florida Camera Club Council Member

We are part of the Florida Camera Club Council. You may visit their web site Here

Our group is not affiliated with any other photography group in the bay area. We will help you promote your group on our site and in our e-mails if you wish. Please Contact Jim Swallow with your club information to be included 

Photography Club Day is Coming
Sunday March 27th

We will also have a 1 Day workshop on Saturday with Rick Sammon

Our Speaker this year is going to be Rick Sammon

You can check out his site here

The Topic Will be about HDR Imaging

Special Saturday Workshop will also be available for an additional fee




Lake Shore Camera Exchange

We have a local Photography Supply Store in the bay area and if you haven't been now is the time to go. All of the sales people are friendly and helpful and they have lots of equipment. It is time to support your local photography supply house before they are all gone. Internet is not everything. There is much to be said about touching, feeling and supporting your local business man. They will be present at our Photography Club Day because they believe in you and it is time to believe in them.

Support your Local Photography Retailer Today
Web Site

The Camera Cure

A Saint Petersburg repair facility for camera repairs, sensor Cleaning and more check them out here

Web Site

Zebra Color Lab

Bay Area's Best Black and White and E6 Lab

Web Site


Photography Podcast's and Blog's
Using I-Tunes go to the podcast directory and type in Photoshop or Photography and you will find hundreds. or go to the web sites listed below and use the podcast link.

Check I-Tunes under Photoshop for a ton of free Training


The Photographers Resource Center

"All Eyes" Bay Area Photography Blog
If you do not wish to continue on our mailing list of photographers in the bay area  please contact  
Jim Swallow at jim@photographicartsociety.org

The Society was designed to

 Inspire, Challenge and Educate You in The Art of Photography. 

Next Meeting is Thursday April 7th at 6:30 p.m. 
Bring your 2 best images