Rick Stoop
Murray Diner
Glen Desthers
John Sagert
Francesca Anthony
Feb. - May 2008
Up-Close and Personal
June -July 2007

Animal Kingdom
April -May 2007

Kathleen Finnerty
Gary Gresham
Karen Mason
Love is in the Air
Feb- Mar 2007
"Digital Art"
June - Sept. 2008
Bob Anthony
Velva Heraty

March - April

Water & Beaches

Black & White

Previous Exhibits

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The Summit Building is located just north of Ulmerton Road on 58th Street.Open during normal business hours. Google map directions
"Old Florida"
Aug.- Sept. 2007
Kari Sheppard
Joe Martin
Oct. 2007- Jan. 2008
Cheryl Anne Day-Swallow
Chris Sheppard

Current Society Exhibits

Selections from 2006 Nov-Jan 2007
Jake Fisher
Janet Zarecki
Alex Spassoff
Summit Office Building at ICOT Center, Clearwater, FL
October 1st until January 15th
"Windows, Doors & Entryways"